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Moorfields Eye Hospital

Prof Lyndon da Cruz

Consultant vitreoretinal Surgeon and medical retinal specialist.

As the Clinical lead for the London Project I will co-ordinate and operate for the programme of pre-clinical transplantation experiments for safety and efficacy stem cells and clinical phase trials.  In tandem I will carry out the autologous -RPE transplantation  trials for inherited macular dystrophies and Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  My main research interest is in the field of therapies for blinding retinal conditions such as AMD and the artificial retina or Bionic Eye.

Key achievements

Lyndon da Cruz completed his medical studies in Perth, Western Australia. He began his research interest in retinal disease at the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, in Oxford in 1990. On completion of the English surgical fellowship he returned to Australia to carry out a PhD at the Lions Eye Institute, Perth Australia. He completed his Australian speciality training and carried out a vitreo-retinal surgical fellowship  with Ian McAllister in Perth.  He was awarded the NH and MRC post-doctoral fellowship in 1999 and named the Menzies Scholar in Science and Medicine for Australia in 2000. The latter awarded to the highest ranked postdoctoral fellow in Australia in medicine and science. He won the Howard Florey Post-doctoral Fellowship from the Royal Society that brought him to London to study with Prof. Alan Bird. He finished his clinical training with further vitreoretinal surgical fellowships in London, at Moorfields Eye Hospital. He is now Consultant Retinal Surgeon and Medical Retina Specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital. He is Clinical Lead of the The London Project and Head of the Artificial Retina Programme at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Key publications

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